Patient Testimonials

It’s been my experience that there are several types of denture wearers out there.

The most common and perhaps most challenging for the Denturist is what I call the:

“Denture Collectors” – these patients have spent thousands of dollars and have acquired several sets of dentures and they still can’t seem to get a set that they can work with.

Here are what a few of them have had to say after they were fitted with AQUASEAL Dentures:

“I can eat peanuts again!” – * 2003

“These are the best darn dentures I’ve had yet. At least I can keep them in my mouth without them falling out and am able to eat with them.” – * 2005

“Thank you, you’ve been like my angel who’s come to help me from my denture woes after years of suffering.” – * 2005

“He’s had a lot of compliments on his teeth, his friends say he looks like he’s always smiling” – * 2005

“Wow, I didn’t know what to expect when I called but I will definitely be recommending Aquaseal” – * 2007

“We didn’t know this type of service was available.  If we knew we would have called you years ago” – * 2008

“I can eat anything I want and my son says they don’t even look like dentures” – * 2008

“I can eat the foods I love again; including chocolate covered peanuts; its been years” – * 2009

“They don’t hurt and are actually comfortable; we will definitely be referring you” – * 2009


“Bringing Beautiful Smiles Home” is an appropriate description of our experience with Tina Kowalski, DD and her wonderful co-workers.

Tina has recently taken care of my husband, Henry’s urgent denture needs in a Nursing Home.  The lower, usually hard-to-fit partial dentures she made fit perfectly the first time!  – and Henry’s  so happy he can chew properly again.

We highly recommend Tina as a very competent Denturist. – and a very nice person.

Because of the high demand for her specialized services; (she comes to you!) she works long hours.  However, rest assured, she will make time for you and the calibre of her services is well worth the wait.

Pleased and Satisfied with Tina Kowalski, DD services.
– * 2009


Hi, I wanted to Thank you and your team for all your time and care that you gave to my brother Roger.  You were the only on who listened and volunteered to help him in a time of dire need.  I really believe he is healthier and has a little more self esteem.  He looks awesome when he smiles now.  Again Thank you, you guys are all awesome.

-* 2009

* Patient names remain confidential under the Alberta Personal Protection and Privacy Act

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