Payment for Services


  • Direct Billing (up to 100%) – Insurance Company Billed Instead of You*
  • Pre-Authorizations
  • Assistance with Insurance Documents

We routinely direct bill (send your insurance company the bill) ALBERTA PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT INSURANCE better known as Alberta Senior Benefit, AISH, AIDS to Daily Living, Social Services *

*  Restrictions apply

AB Senior Benefit will Pay up to 100% for Your NEW DENTURES


  • Out of pocket portion of the invoice is due when work begins.
  • If you are without dental insurance or an insurance company that we do not direct bill, we will assist you with the insurance forms once the work is complete.

Interac E-transfer, Personal Check, Cash, Bank Draft, Credit Card Check, Insurance Direct Billing*

Direct billing unavailable.


Alberta Senior Benefit – Dental Coverage For Seniors


Alberta Senior Benefit is managed by ADSC – Alberta Dental Services Corporation.

If you have received a letter in the mail from Alberta Senior Benefit stating you are covered for dental work up to $5000.00, please be advised of the following:

  1.  Frequency Limitations

For example:

  • New Dentures may be covered once every 5 years
  • Relines once every 2 years

2.  Total amounts payable are limited

Total payable per procedure is determined by insurance company.

3.  The most common public misconception upon receipt of the letter being that a 5000 credit may be applied towards your denture treatment.

Please contact our office for an accurate and updated pre-authorization:



Eligibility for Coverage:

If you are a senior you must apply for coverage.  Seniors are not automatically covered because they have turned 65 years of age.

How is eligibility determined?

  1. Your income.  Line 150 of the previous year’s income tax return determines your eligibility.
  2. How you file your tax return.  Do you file as a single or a couple?
  3. If you have lived in Alberta 3 months before applying.
  4. You are a Canadian Citizen, or are a permanent resident of Canada.


Contact Alberta Senior Benefit Directly:  780-644-9992 or 1-877-644-9992

To Apply:


Income Factors: