Mobile Clinic vs Stationary

WHY AQUASEAL In-Home DENTURES  instead of ______Denture Clinic down the street?

Simply put convenience, time and money.

We are addressing the growing demand for mobile dental/health care services throughout the Greater Edmonton Region.

We come to your home to construct the dentures as well as any follow-up required.

This is just a simpler, more cost effective way for you to have your denture work completed and maintained.

Our patients are saving the hassle of going to appointments, sitting in waiting rooms, not paying for transportation and parking, and can easily call in friends or family members for their input throughout the process.

An Increasingly Common Scenario:

Mrs. Jane Doe is a widower living in her home alone, falls and fractures her hip.  She is taken to one hospital for hip-replacement surgery.  She remains in ICU until she is in stable condition then is transferred to another hospital that has room for her recovery.  It is then decided that she will be moving to an assisted living facility as she cannot sustain her current lifestyle on her own.

Our services are equipped to follow.