Immediate Dentures

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aanThe difference an immediate denture can make on your appearance is apparent in the above pictures.

You have the choice to have the denture made before or after your teeth are extracted. Your Denturist will assist you with the best treatment plan for you.

Dentures Made Before Teeth Extracted

You will not have to be without teeth.  This is pleasing aesthetically and you will be able to eat with your new dentures right away.

An immediate denture will be inserted into your mouth immediately after the teeth are removed.

Dentures Made After Teeth Extracted

If you are having 3 or more teeth extracted it can be beneficial to wait depending on location of the teeth.

A 6 week delay is not uncommon prior to denture insertion.

Recommended wait times are 7 days (for the sockets to heal over) and up to 8 months (for the bone to remodel under the gums) prior to placement of the denture.

Hypothetical Scenario:

Scenario 1:

A public speaking professional requiring 3 front teeth may consider having an immediate denture made for aesthetic purposes.

Scenario 2:

Another scenario is that you have to have many of your teeth pulled and your Dentist has told you they will be pulling them in stages this creates a problem when inserting the immediate dentures as they are made with the end result in mind.  The immediate dentures will be constructed based on the total number of teeth to be replaced.  If the Dentist only pulls half the teeth planned the denture will not fit until all of the teeth have been removed.  This can delay insertion of the new immediate denture.

Why would the Dentist pull the teeth in stages?
To make it less traumatizing for the patient.

What if I don’t have a Dentist?
We can refer you to one.

Does the cost of immediate dentures include pulling of the teeth?
No.  You will have to contact the Dentist’s office for pricing as that is a completely different business.

Where do I start?
Contact your Denturist, they will get the process started for you, assist you with the treatment plan, refer you to a Dentist and construct the prostheses.  Once the work is complete and the new dentures have been inserted the Denturist will guide you through the follow-up care required as well.

What happens after?
Within 24-48 hours of having the immediate dentures in your mouth the Denturist
will take them out, check fit & bite, clean them and put them back in.

Do not remove them yourself.  They may not go back in due to swelling.  If this happens you may be waiting up to two weeks before the swelling goes down before you can put your dentures back in.

Within 6-8 months relines are required.  Once the bone under the gums has stopped changing and shrinking a permanent fit can be acquired through relining

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