Denture Expectations

Appointment Times: (New Dentures)

1st- Custom-Fit Impressions / Denture Pick-Up

2nd- Dentures Complete*

*Restrictions Apply

Dentures returned within 24 hours.

New Denture timelines are dependent upon caseload and patient availability.

 Appointment Times: (Relines, Soft-Liners, Repairs, Name Insertion…)

1st- Custom-Fit Impressions / Denture Pick-Up

2nd- Dentures Complete

Dentures returned within 24 hours.

Denture Care & Maintenance

Expectations of your New Dentures:

Your gums WILL NOT toughen-up

A minimal of 2 to 3 adjustment appointments. We do have patients that require NO adjustments, however it cannot be predicted accurately.

Within the first 24 – 48 hours, these dentures will settle deeper into the tissue as your mouth adapts to the new fit. If a sore spot, develops book an appointment within a day or two. The irritated area will be ground out of the denture. Once adjustment is completed rinse with salty warm water daily until the sore spot disappears.

When eating; cut food into small pieces and chew on both sides. You will become better at balancing your new dentures.

When speaking; read out loud to correct pronunciation.

Phone your Denturist if you are unable to eat or are in pain.

Daily Care


  • Remove dentures after every meal and rinse out both mouth and dentures from food debris.
  • Clean & sanitize your dentures by removing and scrub clean using a denture brush and antibacterial dish or hand soap, rinse well.
  • Place into effervescent tablet solution. Polident Overnight
  • For a fresh & healthy mouth, rinse using an antibacterial mouthwash and a soft toothbrush or oral sponge. Brush all tissue areas: gums, insides of cheeks and top of tongue.
  • Give your gums a rest.  Remove dentures for two to three hours every 24 hour period. This will allow the blood to flow fully back into the tissues and rinse out any toxins.

Keep a spare set of dentures & allow them to dry out completely.
Take them with you when travelling.

Weekly – 2 Week Care
Stain, calcium & tartar removal can be accomplished by using Renew Denture Cleaner:

Remove dentures, brush off any debris and soak in stain remover.

NB: If you have metal work (partials) or a soft liner (rubber liner on the lower) this stain remover will become corrosive if soaked longer than 20 minutes.

6 Month Care
Professional cleaning & re-polishing leaves your dentures feeling new. The new polish will keep food from sticking.

1 Year Care
Annual check-up due, phone 780-457-5841 to book an appointment.

2 Year Care
Relines can tighten the fit, correct small diversions in your bite, alleviate uneven pressure spots, and prevent denture cracking or breaking.

5 – 8 Year Care
This is usually time for new dentures or at minimal a new fitting (Relines; Rebases). If the teeth are worn off and smooth and the fit of both are loose and causing you pain; it is time for new dentures.

Do Not

  • Bleach Dentures – Dentures are porous and this could be harmful to your health
  • Boil Dentures – This will cause distortion and brittleness leading to breakage. The entire denture will turn a yellowish-white colour
  • Leave dentures unattended around pets