Denture Expectations

Appointment Times: (New Dentures)

1st- Impressions (Starting Point)

2nd- Custom-Fit Impressions (Fit Complete)

3rd- Wax Moulds (Alignment Between Upper & Lower Jaws)

4th- Try-In (Assess Look and Function of Teeth Before They Are Finished)

5th- Insertion of New Dentures

New Denture timelines are dependent upon caseload and patient availability.

 Appointment Times: (Relines, Soft-Liners, Repairs, Name Insertion…)

1st- Custom-Fit Impressions / Denture Pick-Up

2nd- Dentures Complete

Dentures returned within 24 hours.

Denture Care & Maintenance

Expectations of your New Dentures:

Your gums WILL NOT toughen-up

Minimal of 2 to 3 adjustment appointments

Within the first 24 – 48 hours, these dentures will settle deeper into the tissue as your mouth adapts to the new fit. If a sore spot, develops book an appointment within a day or two. The irritated area will be ground out of the denture. Once that is complete use a salt water rinse; 1 tsp of salt to 3 tsp of water; rinse three times daily until the sore spot disappears.

When eating; cut food into small pieces and chew on both sides. You will become better at balancing your new dentures.

When speaking; read out loud to correct pronunciation.

Phone your Denturist if you are unable to eat or are in pain.

Daily Care


  • Remove dentures after every meal and rinse out both mouth and dentures from food debris.
  • Clean & sanitize your dentures by removing and using a denture brush and antibacterial dish or hand soap, rinse well.
  • For a fresh & healthy mouth, rinse using an antibacterial mouthwash and a soft toothbrush. Brush all tissue areas: gums, insides of cheeks and top of tongue.
  • Give your gums a rest, remove dentures for two to three hours every 24 hours. This will allow the blood to flow fully back into the tissues and rinse out any toxins.

Keep a spare set of dentures & allow them to dry out completely.
Take them with you when travelling.

Weekly – 2 Week Care
Stain, calcium & tartar removal accomplished by using Renew Denture Cleaner:

Remove dentures, brush off any debris and soak in stain remover.

NB: If you have metal work (partials) or a soft liner (rubber liner on the lower) this stain remover will become corrosive if soaked longer than 20 minutes.

6 Month Care
Professional cleaning & re-polishing leaves your dentures feeling new. The new polish will keep food from sticking.

1 Year Care
Annual check-up due, phone to book an appointment.

2 Year Care
Relines can tighten the fit, correct small diversions in your bite, alleviate uneven pressure spots, and prevent denture cracking or breaking. Great time to check the health of your TMJ (tempromandibular joint); if your jaws are popping or cracking when you open and close your mouth.

5 – 8 Year Care
This is usually time for new dentures or at minimal a new fitting (Relines; Rebases). If the teeth are worn off and smooth and the fit of both are loose and causing you pain; it is time for new dentures.

Do Not
Bleach Dentures – Dentures are porous and this could be harmful to your health.
Boil Dentures – This will cause distortion and brittleness leading to breakage not to mention then entire denture will turn a yellowish-white colour.
Leave Dentures Unattended Around Pets – Your dog will eat them.