Payment for Services

50% Deposit Due at 1st Appointment; the remaining balance due when dentures are complete

Cash, Money Order, Personal Cheque, Certified Cheque, Visa Cheque, Mastercard Cheque, Insurance direct billing*


  • Direct Billing (up to 100%) – Insurance Company Billed Instead of You*
  • Pre-Authorizations
  • Assistance with Insurance Documents

We routinely direct bill (send your insurance company the bill) ALBERTA PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT INSURANCE better known as Alberta Senior Benefit.

Why do we not direct bill through the Private Insurance Companies?

We consistently find many patients are very unhappy to find out the insurance they have been paying for years is not willing to pay or they have only minimal insurance coverage.

In this instance we have you pay ½ down and the other ½ is due when the dentures are inserted.

AB Senior Benefit will Pay up to 100% for Your NEW DENTURES

* Restrictions Apply – If you have a Private or Federal insurance company we will assist you with all pre-authorizations (total they will pay on your behalf); prior to beginning the work if time allows.

Alberta Senior Benefit – Dental Coverage For Seniors

Alberta Senior Benefit is managed by Alberta Blue Cross.

If you have received a letter in the mail from Alberta Senior Benefit that states you are covered for dental work up to $5000.00; please be advised there are limitations.

There are what we call frequency limitations for recipients; for example:

  • New Dentures every 5 years
  • Relines every 2 years

How do I get coverage?
If you are a senior you must apply for coverage.
Seniors are not automatically covered because they have turned 65 years of age.

How is eligibility determined?

  1. Your income.  Line 150 of the previous year’s income tax return determines your eligibility.
  2. How you file your tax return.  Do you file as a single or a couple?
  3. If you have lived in Alberta 3 months before applying.
  4. You are a Canadian Citizen, or are a permanent resident of Canada.

Contact AB Blue Cross Directly:  780-427-7876

To Apply:

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